Friday, 7 October 2016

Know How To Take The Benefits Of SAPS

Good parenting is not only about giving the materialistic pleasure to the children but to give them the necessary guidance and to monitor them appropriately. For any parent in the world, the academic performance is the ground, where they need to focus the most. For the Malaysian parents, the SAPS Ibu Bapa Semakan NKRA is the one-stop solution to get the track of the academic performance of their wards.

Saps ibu bapa are the initiative from Mypt3, the leading reference website for the pt3 examination in Malaysia, that enable the Malay parents to monitor how their wards are doing the examination. Using the system, a parent can check the results of the wards in the examination, no matter they are pursuing in the primary or Secondary schools. The coverage is produced on the trial as well as the final examinations. saps ibu bapa 2016 will get the parents the guidelines and the schedule for the pt3 examination for the year 2016.

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